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The following work of fiction is a horror story and may contain elements that some readers might find unsettling. Reader discretion is advised. Specific warnings include, but are not limited to: Authoritarian governments, bureaucracy, and death.

The year is 2117, mankind has become compelled to ration their resources and strict social controls have become the norm. One’s economic class held great sway over the course of one’s life. Grant wasn’t bothered by any of this, he figured that he was well secured in his middle class life.


New prices for 2024!

So, I believe in a world where ownership actually matters. Where you can purchase something and actually get to keep it. Since we are entering into an era where tech giants seem to pick and choose what we get to keep on their services I have chosen to change my approach to distributing my writing.

So most of it will actually be available here, on the Vivaldi Blogging network. Anything that gets released as an ebook will be priced at $0.00 and my print copies will be the same as I sell them for at in-person events at just $10.00.

I use Draft2Digital to distribute my published works and unfortunately there are a couple of vendors that they distribute through that won’t let me list digital copies for free, so I’ve unlisted the ebook version of works from those retailers. (Amazon, is one of them.) I recommend you purchase the digital copy through one of the other retailers such as Smashwords or if you’d prefer, you can always email me and I will happily send you the epub copy.

I know this pricing model isn’t going to work for a lot of writers but I work for a living and write because I enjoy it, so I can happily afford to give away digital copies of my work for free. Because the future is copyleft and honestly, if ownership isn’t real then you shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t actually get to own. If you do enjoy my work and want to support me, please consider purchasing a physical copy of my work from any of the supported retailers such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Happy reading and here’s to a wonderful 2024 for all of us!


They told me that telling someone about my experience might help me. That writing about it would somehow trigger deeper rooted memories that might make sense of the things that I experienced that night. I think that most of the fields of psychology is just guessing, like a stage magician and hoping to wow an unattached audience. So, yeah, here’s what I came up with. Forgive me for embellishing, I found it helped me get down the parts I remembered. Like a bad dream in a journal.


Coming soon : Seaport Academy

I’m excited to announce that I will soon begin serializing a new fiction project here! Called Seaport Academy! Once I get the first chapter polished up it will be released weekly! Check back soon for more information.

Seaport Academy is a school for gifted students. These students are given challenging coursework designed to help them reach their full potential. Amongst those students are those who are getting training to help them master their own innate supernatural gifts. These students are then trained to hunt down and eliminate dangerous entities known as Outsiders. However, it would seem that there are dark mysteries surrounding these strange beings and just what does the school really want from their students?

Chapter 1 release date: TBA

New home!

I’ve finally nailed down the approach I want to have, and this will be how I will digitally publish much of my writing that doesn’t end up in collections, as part of the podcast project, and all the rest.

I’m also going to be playing around with interactive fiction and clever things using the WordPress installation here.

Anyway, enough of my blathering, I have to get back to the writing, check back soon for more updates, follow along via Mastodon!


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